Optos - Mark Bric Display



OPTOS designs, manufactures and sells cutting edge retinal image devices to eyecare professionals across the UK and Europe.


Optos are no strangers to exhibiting. They are a sophisticated exhibitor with complex needs to showcase their products; reliability, flexibility and a high-quality finish are paramount as well as budget.

Optos were looking for a partner who could deliver their European-wide exhibition programme including venues in Liverpool, Barcelona, Nice, Leipzig and Berlin. As well as reusable and durable graphics, Optos needed to showcase retinal imaging machines on their stand so data management, cable management and health & safety were priorities.


Using an ISOframe Custom Exhibition Stand allows our design team to adapt the framework for Optos to suit any venue and showcase different combinations of devices. The display panels are removable so that the extensive cabling (Commonly enclosed in the exhibition flooring) is hidden from view.

As well as the flexibility to use the stand at any exhibition, Optos have been able to reduce transportation costs through the size, durability and lightweight nature of the stand. Optos also benefit from the end-to-end service provided by our specialist teams who are on hand for set-up and break-down across Europe and management of overseas shipping, delivery and storage between shows.

“ We have developed a lasting partnership with ISOframe. They have taken the demands of a packed European schedule in their stride, making a challenging experience more straightforward.”


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