The Maxi Expo Case has arrived! - Mark Bric Display

The Maxi Expo Case has arrived!

The sales of ExpoCase have been very good since we introduced this product some years ago and are still increasing. We are now adding a number of new table tops to make the product even more attractive and versatile.

Use two ExpoCases side-by-side and add the double Maxi Table Top and you get a really big reception desk with a width of around 2,2 metre (floor space depth around 0,9 metre). The Maxi table top is available in black colour.

Please note: The Maxi Table Top is sold as an extra accessory. Every delivery of an ExpoCase includes the single table top as well. The advantage is that you  can choose to use the two counters separately, or put them together as a larger reception counter. 

  Apart from the regular single black table tops we are also adding table tops in white and grey.

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